5 Essential Accessories Every Stylish Man Needs

Here at Armstrongs we know how to help you excel your style and transform your appearance for the better. There are a few keys to great style one of them obviously being great clothing. Unfortunately for you, whilst we offer everything from incredible men’s slim fit shirts that are the perfect combination of style and comfort all the way to full formal hire which will help you stand out from men not yet shopping with us, you still have to compete with others who come to us for their style needs. As someone who reads our blog we trust you are willing to go even further in pursuit of style superiority and in this article, we have the key to competing with even the most stylish men (yes, even those who shop with us) – accessories.

Accessories are a gentleman’s secret style weapon and we have a list of five for you to consider adding to your wardrobe.


Your initial reaction to this entry on the list is that we are going to give you the same five things every other style blog is telling you to wear, that is not true, but an incredible watch is essential and cannot be understated. Whether peeking out from behind the sleeve of a stylish men’s jacket or left on full display watches can be the difference between a good look and a completed style masterpiece. There’s a reason every man with a sense of style wears and tells you to wear a watch – because it works. They are smart and sophisticated and are the first step in taking your 10/10 style to an 11.


Glasses/ Sunglasses

Much like a watch a properly sized and shaped pair of sunglasses offer both fantastic aesthetic benefits to your style as well as afunctional use. Tread carefully with sunglasses as the wrong size or shape could look out of place. But if you get the right pair you can upgrade any outfit, either formal or casual. If you already wear glasses then taking the time to find a pair that suit your face shape, are correctly sized and have a design that elevates your look is an easy way to raise your style.


A Pen

It hardly feels like an accessory and most of the time you wont even have it on display. But the difference between handing someone a cheap pen and a sophisticated writing implement is immense. It looks stylish and it also gives you an air of confidence when offering your pen to someone and there are few things you can wear that upgrade your style more than confidence. Imagine coming to signing an important contract for work, for example, and handing the client a chewed-up pen that’s been sitting in your back pocket. Now reimagine the situation in which you hand over a high quality stylish pen. The difference is huge, and it is easy to see why a pen is such a great accessory.


A Belt

A belt is a sensational accessory for men looking to improve their style. The fantastic thing about taking time to replace your belt is that a bad belt has detrimental effects on your style meaning in replacing it for a stylish alternative you are simultaneously removing a negative and adding a positive. The key is to make sure your belt looks great, keep your leather belts polished, throw away old worn out belts and make sure to have a few which you can rotate through to ensure you can match with any outfit. We have a fantastic range of Robert Charles belts.


A Wallet

Finally, whilst it was tempting to reserve this final spot for a beautiful tie, a luxurious pocket square or even a sophisticated tie bar we decided to opt for a wallet. Much like a pen, having great wallet makes you look stylish because it demonstrates a sense of quality and style outside of what your core accessories. Someone whose style reaches beyond their outfit and to their primary accessories is stylish, someone whose style extends beyond that is a style virtuoso. A small leather wallet which is well kept and not filled with receipts which make it bulky and bulge out of your pockets will separate you from the men not paying that level of attention to detail and give you style superiority.



There are a great many accessories and we could never account for them all in one blog post so we tried to give you a few options which you may not see elsewhere but we also understand there are some tried and true options. Please let us know which accessories work for you and which of the ones talked about above you will use to increase your level of style.