5 Men's Timeless Items

We’ve all been there, spending some serious cash on a trendy item… then everyone stops wearing it. You have two choices. Either wear it and accept the judging faces and raised eyebrows or wait patiently until it comes back into fashion two decades later.

There is a way to avoid the embarrassment, stick to classic pieces and items that are simply timeless. Our advice, stop wasting money on trends!

Choosing classic pieces will ensure that you are never dressed out of style.


A Signature Fragrance

No one wants to smell bad, but going the extra mile from deodorant can really make the difference. Begin the search for a signature scent that you can wear to create a memorable impression of yourself. Here’s one to start you off on your journey to scent heaven, Gruhme No. 14 fragrance for men.


A Classic Suit

A good suit is a staple in a stylish man’s wardrobe. Wearing the right suit can make any man look the best he can look. A well fitted suit can give the appearance of a slimmer waistline, can make you look taller and can even make your hands look bigger, whilst exuding power and importance. However classic a suit can look, there are still some that may go out of fashion or that are part of a trend that will inevitably fade.

·         If the jacket doesn’t fit your shoulders and chest properly when you try it on, simply don’t buy it! These fittings are difficult to adjust.

·         Make sure that the sleeves are the right length for your arms and style requirements. It is common to show between a ¼, or an inch of the cuff of your shirt underneath. It is quite easy to adjust the length of a sleeve but to avoid mishaps, go for a suit tailored to your measurements.


Colourful Neckwear and Accessories

Ties and handkerchiefs can be a way to get a splash of colour into your otherwise modest outfit choices. Variations in colour or patterns can allow the wearer to express their personality, identify with clubs or military organisations or just to have a bit of fun with their wardrobe.


Classic Hats

Classic headwear is always a great addition to a perfectly styled outfit. Too sunny? wear a hat. Raining? Wear a hat. Bed hair? You’ve guessed it, wear a hat.

Hats have functions, so this will ensure that they will always be a staple for a man’s wardrobe. If you’re used to wearing a cap or beanie, then try a classic trilby for a change of style.